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The house at Trevarno was re-modeled in 1839 on previous building of the  early 1700's. 

We first visited the gardens in 1998, the first year they opened to the public. The signs of a good clear up were visible but the  basic amenities for visitors were provided. There was a car park and defined paths around the woodland.  We almost had the place to ourselves although it was a bank holiday weekend. The  place was delightful. The first  makings of the garden implements collection were assembled in the stable building and you could get a cup of tea in the conservatory. There were a few plants for sale but the walled garden was off-limits.

On Wednesday the 16th of April 2003, a day or two before Easter, we visited again. Although a lot busier  the atmosphere was still the same. The exhibition, now laid out in a purpose built building  near the entrance, is fun and informative. The walled garden was open to view.

With  the restoration of the Trevarno water mill with a water mill museum ,  workshops on the making of  handmade paper,  tin smelting and jewelry there will be many more  things to see and do. New gardens are planned  with specific  themes such as  ' plant hunters and pioneers' and plants from specific  regions such as  Australia South Africa and South America there is much to look forward too.

However, I hope somewhere they keep a small part  untended by the hand of man in almost a 'secret garden'  tribute. I will always remember the disappointment of returning to a pristine walled garden at Heligan having seen it in its opening week when the walled garden looked very much as Trevarno's does today. You can tidy up a garden a step too far in my humble opinion . There is something very attractive about a faded old  rose, blooming on regardless of inattention. 


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Trevarno is also the home of the

National Museum of Gardening

which we also visited.

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